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Kylie Jenner has revealed how she makes his 37-speed (!) makeup

Kylie Jenner

Recently 20-year-old Kylie Jenner specifically for the American version of Vogue revealed one of the options for summer make up. To make a young mother used makeup Kylie’s own brand Cosmetics and also other brands.


Kylie advises not to begin the makeover with applying the base and concealer, because then the funds for eyebrows and the shadows can crumble in the face, and correct the whole thing will be more difficult. Only giving the shape and color of eyebrows, she begins to tone: apply concealer under the eyebrow and on the upper eyelid and lightly powder.

After that Kylie uses the shadows from their palettes Kyshadow Palette: darker on the crease, light under the brow, shiny gold on the mobile eyelid and on the inner corners — peach shade. Crumbling shadow Kylie gently cleans with a cloth moistened with liquid makeup remover.

As the main makeup Kylie uses cream Marc Jacobs. It causes a large brush dense layer (we are not surprised) all over the face and neck, then drives his byteblastermv. Then it blends concealers, choosing the perfect color, causing them not only under the eyes but on the back of the nose, chin and area above the upper lip.

For fixing makeup Jenner powder oneself means from the collection of Kim Kardashian and Chanel powder with SPF. To accentuate the cheekbones star uses bronzer and highlighter, but that’s not all. Kylie strikes again concealer (under the cheekbones), shaded with his big fluffy brush and add a little blush on her cheeks.

Lip makeup Kylie starts with the pencil, looks around the outline and “stretches” the color (and does it all star with your eyes closed!), top deals nudewww lipstick and gloss. Black Chanel mascara stained upper lashes and the lower brush touches quite a bit. To the makeup lasted till the evening, Jenner sprinkle the face with fixing spray.

Judging by the popularity of the blog, Kylie (she was recently recognized as the most popular designer on the network according to the results of studies SEMrush), the novelty of a new beauty collection stars snap up even before you finish reading this article.


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