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Kyiv’s beaches are dangerous for life

Киевские пляжи опасны для жизниWhen the problem will resolve and eliminate if at all is not known.

All 13 beaches of the capital are not passed sanitary inspection. So, the utility company “Pleso” is not recommended to swim on all the beaches of Kiev.

Soobschaetsya that as of 9 July, all the beaches are posted “yellow flag” which indicates that “swimming is not recommended”.

We are talking in particular about the beaches: Children’s, Venice, Youth, Gold, Predmostnaya-Slobidka, Central, galley, palm, Pushcha-Vodytsia, Swirl, rainbow, rainbow, Telbin.

Note the status of the beaches (“green flag” swimming allowed red flag – bathing forbidden) is determined by the results of analysis of water samples.

As you know, in Kiev there are 13 beaches: Children’s, Venice, Youth, Gold, Bridge-Slobidka, Central, galley, palm, Pushcha-Vodytsia, Centory, rainbow, rainbow, Telbin.

But in the interest of safety of health it is better to refrain from swimming.

The main changes are to fill them with sand, which allegedly imported directly from the Bahamas, as indicated on the channel “HC” in the Telegram.

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