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Kyiv pensioners offered free bread

Киевским пенсионерам предложили бесплатный хлебIn Kiev shops have appeared “hung” bread for seniors.

In the capital is gaining momentum, a charity initiative, in which Kiev bread is left for retirees. Like the shelves with the needed product gradually appear in the Kiev shops.

It is reported from Kiev Eugene Tychynska in the social network Facebook.

According to from Kiev, pensioners still hesitate to take the bread, but it is more important that ordinary buyers do not hesitate to leave the bread. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Also, the eyewitness added a photo to the frame, on which lie several loaves “charity” of bread.

Among other things, on the rack there’s a poster, “bond” signed by one of the members of city Council: “Dear pensioners! Here you can take free bread. Do not take it for a handout. It’s from the heart! Dear people of Kiev! Who have the opportunity to buy an extra half a loaf of bread – put it here. Do not hesitate to do good!”.

from Kiev expressed hope that the initiative chosen is still not related to the election.

Киевским пенсионерам предложили бесплатный хлеб

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