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Kudrin: Russia may end up like the USSR

Кудрин: Россия рискует закончить как СССР

Russia can go down a path that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, if not distracted from the “illusions” that the current foreign policy brings it into the circle of “leading countries”.

As reported “Interfax”, about it at the opening of the all-Russian civil forum said the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin.

“The economic basis of this prosperity or the greatness of Russia” at the moment is not created and the guide, “not even giving this enough attention,” he said.

While it is impossible to say that the national goals and the projects announced for the new presidential term of Vladimir Putin, “is aimed, therefore, properly grouped, so they created this future economic base,” said Kudrin.


In particular, “in fact removed from the agenda,” the theme of “reduce the state’s share in the economy.” Although Putin set a task in last year’s address to the Federal Assembly, the adopted budget shows the opposite.

“Revenues from privatization even funny do not call,” says Kudrin. 24 billion from the sale of state property in the next 3 years is at least 2000 years, while state-owned companies continue to buy up private assets.


“In this sense, success in foreign policy, which is sometimes offered as our return in terms of leading countries is some illusion,” – said Kudrin: the country remains hostage to the Soviet mentality,” which acts as a drug, but leads to a repetition of past mistakes.

“The Soviet Union not because of the conspiracy collapsed, and due to imperfect models of the development of its economy and political system. It was an internal problem. They were the source of these lesions. So today, if we do not pay attention to again internal reasons – factors in our success, if we do not see it in time and not pay for it attention, we will again take a beating”,- said the head of the accounting chamber.

A list of the main risks for the Russian economy – the same as was in the USSR. “This, of course, the price of oil, it sanctions” restricting access technologies, said Kudrin.

In addition, “we are left with the problem of a lack of manpower for economic growth” which “should be compensated through productivity,” he added.

Another risk, according to the Chairman of the accounting chamber, is the low growth in real incomes, which “will limit consumer demand and business development”.

Kudrin predicted that next year the growth of real incomes slowed more than expected official: in fact, the growth will amount to 1.3% and 1%.




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