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Kudrin “criticized” the forecast on growth of incomes of Russians

Кудрин «раскритиковал» прогноз по росту доходов россиян

The Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin called overly optimistic forecast of Ministry of economic development (MED) on the growth of real incomes of Russians this year. He stated this today in the Federation Council during the discussion of amendments to the budget.

The head of the control Department said that “it is assumed too optimistic forecast of growth rate of real disposable money incomes of the population at 1%,” according to “Finmarket”.

“It would seem, not so much — 1%, but in the first quarter of the real income of the population decreased by 2.3%, so achieving even this modest rate would be problematic,” — said Kudrin.

As recalled by TASS, the real disposable income of the population in 2019, according to estimates by the MAYOR, will be released in positive territory, with growth of 1% yoy and continue to grow. On average over the period 2019-2022 years, the growth rate will be 1.8% and for the years 2019-2024 — 2%. In the baseline forecast for the years 2019-2022 figure will increase by 7.2%, for the years 2019-2024 by 12.3%.

Note that, according to Rosstat, real disposable cash incomes of the population of Russia has decreased in the I quarter of this year by 2.3% yoy. Real disposable income is the income less mandatory payments, adjusted for inflation.

The head of audit chamber also doubts in achieving the target for poverty reduction in Russia in 2019 from 12.9% to 12% of the total population of the country. “This is too much — 1.5 million is expected to reduce the number of poor in our country this year. But there is still a question performance of some macroeconomic indicators, which have, in fact, be the basis for even this more modest goal,” — said Kudrin.

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