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Kudrin asks less punished for economic crimes but for what?

The accounting chamber and the Ministry of Finance has proposed to reduce the prison terms for economic crimes and the number of arrests of “economicos” to the court.

The head of the SP Alexei Kudrin said

“To abolish imprisonment for economic crimes it is impossible, but to reduce the sentence – Yes, we believe so… There are special cases where it can be allowed custody. But in General, you need to change the approach to the treatment of the accused in economic crimes”.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, prepared together with Kudrin proposals on decriminalization of economic articles also said that punishment for them should be less than criminal. This will increase business confidence in the government…

But no need to be an expert to understand that this is all much more will lead to even more blatant and outright theft.

What are afraid of officials and involved in their thieving schemes dealers, if the sentences for economic crimes will subside? When we are talking about tens and hundreds of millions, if not billions, as the Colonel Zakharchenko – should we be afraid of the period of one-two years?

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Ordinary citizen to earn 2-3 million rubles for the apartment, you need to work 20 years or more, limiting yourself in all the joys of life. And with the initiative of the Ministry of Finance turns out that if you stole 10 million – got off with a year of his release, he stole $ 100 million in two years, stole a billion or two years probation…

With reduced time, even with the restrictions on arrests – we formed a queue of those wishing to commit economic crimes. Get something like work on a rotational basis in the North – just paying a hundred or a thousand times higher!

You see that Kudrin, Siluanov and other sponsors of this initiative? Probably – they are intelligent people and were not born yesterday.

Then why make such proposals?

The answer is obvious: the accelerated looting of the country fully fits the concept of “new privatization” – raspaevanii of state property to private pockets.

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This is the economic policy of the Russian Federation, begun in 90-e years against barbaric privatization of Gaidar-Chubais, who was in fact the largest economic crime. Today steering our economy once again worried about how, roughly speaking, to put the country on the hands. In this case, all methods are good – and mortgage auctions, and illegal takeovers of enterprises, and bankruptcy. And even banal theft.

Therefore, instead of the enhanced fight against corruption up to the highest measure, as in China, the Russian leadership turns a blind eye to. And even indulges her, making their initiatives looting of the country more profitable and safer occupation than an honest business.

With such economic policy, the day is near when the theft we will give out medals and state awards. However some of the most distinguished in this field they have issued…

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