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Kuchma made a loud statement about the war in the Donbas

Кучма сделал громкое заявление о войне на ДонбассеKuchma has described the Ukrainian conflict is “frozen”.

The second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma said that the Ukrainian conflict escalated into a hold status. In his view, to solve the situation would help the peacekeeping contingent of the OSCE.

This ex-President said during a meeting with journalists on 31 may.

– Today, at the expanse of the former Soviet Union there is a new frozen conflict. And Russia has no desire to disappear… working group, of course, need to discuss this issue, but mechanisms how to pass the border, no. We can not put its border guards. So I’m talking about peacekeeping force to at least the OSCE were allowed – quoted Kuchma Agency “Interfax”.

Also a former head of state spoke about the new French President Emanuele the Makron. In his opinion, it can make a significant contribution to the solution of the situation.

– I think, especially needs to play the new French President. Looking at him, listening to him… He’s not a guy who just throws words to the wind. … I think that the Ukrainian issue will be one of the important topics in the politics of France… like to have passed this “Norman format” in the new format, and they went out four and issued a joint statement and said the one who looks like on this issue, which is today in Ukraine , – said Kuchma.

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