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Ksenia Sobchak said he is waiting for Mary Maksakova after returning to Russia

In February, former Russian state Duma Deputy Maria Maksakova and her husband Denis Boronenkov suddenly emigrated to Ukraine. After leaving home, the couple made unflattering comments about Russia, the annexation of Crimea and Russian-Ukrainian relations. After emigrating Maksakova, which is also an Opera singer, was fired from Russian Academy of music Gnesin, Boronenkov announced in the Federal wanted list and was suspected of fraud in especially large sizes.

March 23, Ukrainian media reported that Denis Voronenkov was shot dead this morning in the center of Kiev. The murderer died on the operating table — he managed to fire a few times the bodyguard Boronenkov.

Maria and her husband

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Ksenia Sobchak was not able to stay away from the incident. In her column she discusses what can wait for Mary in the future: “And yesterday my lovely and beautiful friend Tanya Arno wrote: “Poor Maria Maksakova. Yes, ran over her husband in the Ukraine, many have substituted by this act. Friends and colleagues quickly renounced political fugitive. No complaints here. We live in a time“. These words: “no Complaints, at this time we live” — I flinched. Do we really live in such a time?”.

After Maria went to the Ukraine, according to Kseniya, she “in one day became persona non grata”.

“You know all those talks today, the Internet and broadcast on Masha Maksakova and even sympathize with her most severe conflict of her fate that begins to unfold in the next few months? Of course, now she’s going through a huge tragedy, but life takes its toll, and after the loss of loved ones sooner or later have to return to reality. Let’s try to understand what it would mean to Maria Maksakova. She went to the Ukraine with her husband and his business, and many loved ones I know it was his decision. Then much has been said about Putin’s bloody regime and the fact that Crimea is not ours, and everyone knew that it is a condition of their acceptance in a new country. Masha — a man carried away, and the words of a former member of “United Russia” and girlfriend Natalia Surkova, of course, had a large promotional weight”, — said Sobchak.

The Xenia I’m sure that Mary “no one in Kiev does not need the”: “to Live she used to openly, beautifully and brightly, surrounded by so many friends. Sooner or later she will want to talk to, to tour, to sing, and even, perhaps, to build a personal life that was tragically cut short. Of course, doing this it can not in Kiev, but only in Russia.”

But to return to Russia she can only if renounced his wife, convinced Sobchak: “Her life in Russia will become possible only at the cost of public humiliation. And perhaps one day she will have to answer the question: “what are you returned to the Russia that you hate so?” She would have to tell Dmitry Kiselev in an interview that she was not what he had in mind.”

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