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Ksenia Sobchak openly said what was her birth

Ksenia Sobchak first became a mother in November last year, but still the star prefers to ignore the persistent questioning of journalists about his son. However, sometimes she can change the temper justice with mercy and unexpectedly to share the revelations.

So, this time she flew to her son in Moscow after the show in Milan and staged a live broadcast to Instagram to answer questions from subscribers.

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Publication of Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) Feb 23 2017 3:14 PST

For the first time since the advent of the son in the world she openly talked about Plato: “it seems to Me that this is such a personal story… Son makes me very happy. Maxim and very happy parents. Great guy, we on the rise, a straight burly. And even two days away from his business very hard. I try all the time that he was with me. I gave birth naturally. But honestly, cursed everything. Somehow it was very hard. This was an easy pregnancy and complicated delivery. But, I immediately told the doctors guys, if I’m going to shout that, say, give me a caesarean, you do not do it. But, well, that pain is quickly forgotten. And then, I’m really glad I did. I read a lot of literature on this topic. And believe that child has to go through all these birth canal because it is a very important moment in the struggle for life. Plus, psychologists say that children who are born naturally more resilient and stress-resistant. The child, when born, is experiencing less pain than a woman. And this stress when it is compressed the head of the bone during the “passage” through the birth canal, especially through a narrow pelvis… For him it is an ordeal. And when he passes, it becomes more tenacious and resilient. I think this is a very important point, for which the cost and to suffer, at once, to not think about yourself.”

Fans were pleasantly surprised by such an honest and detailed answer of Xenia, admitting that she really is a very responsible and a good mother.

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