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Ksenia Sobchak made a selfie in a transparent combination

Ксюша Собчак сделала селфи в прозрачной комбинацииThe presenter praised her husband for what he does not read the tabloids.

Ksenia Sobchak gave a Frank interview to the Russian gloss when I was in position.

In the interview, she talked about morality and about his attitude to people who love to gossip.

About it she wrote on instagram, where he published the transparent combination.

Ксюша Собчак сделала селфи в прозрачной комбинации

“I do not understand where is the topic for discussion. There are two positions to read or not to read are not addressed to you text messages emails or overheard private conversations about the bastard. If the person chooses the second, he automatically loses the right in my eyes at any discussion of the behavior of others. To hear about morality from those who just hunched peeping through the keyhole? Thank you,” wrote Sobchak.

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However, she noted that her husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan, do not read nasty things about his wife.

“And yet it is a question of education, of lineage, as if snobbish as it may sound.

Here is my husband, not read. Friend Light shishkhanova not read. I am in some things a very rude man, but there are basic principles of intelligent academic families. I can not break, for someone to raise his voice in anger, but to dig in someone else’s bag to read the letter – this is unacceptable. Pleased that I’m not alone” – says TV presenter.

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Sobchak also said he doesn’t like tactless people.

“But the tactlessness of some amazing. That’s right we approach each other OR EVEN to me and begin to discuss. “Oh, what? But how? And send you skrinshotik?”. It’s like saying: “I am here at your leisure reviewed your test results. Worms how are you going to withdraw?”. Psychology “Ball”, which for all its awkwardly stretched secularism do not see the disgrace of such discussions. As Vysotsky – “I don’t like when a stranger reads my letters, looking over my shoulder”” she summed up.

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