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Ksenia Sobchak has supported Dmitry Shepelev after the release of his book about Jeanne Friske

November 21, Dmitry Shepelev was the guest of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”. The presenter spoke about his new book, “Jeanne”, which he wrote about his dead wife, and also told about the education of the son of Plato and the relationship with the parents of the singer.

Interview with Dmitry sparked heated debate on the Network: many struck the civil husband of the singer from criticism and charges of hypocrisy. With the support of Dmitry made Ksenia Sobchak. Despite the fact that the star recently for the first time became a mother, she found time to share their thoughts on this topic.


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Ksenia published a detailed post in Instagram: “Joan has always been like away from show business, although it was an integral part. And I have great sympathy for Dima Shepelev — all these endless speculation on interest to their trouble-just disgusting. And disgusting to me, not the journalists,(they even can be understood-poorly studied, “Vedomosti” don’t take it, go to Gabrelyanov wrote about lovers, aliens, someone who gives birth and other discotrine). I do not understand the motives of the relatives of stars who think it is possible to make personal life retired from us human in the Wake of the crowd, and obviously without asking the consent of the participants in this personal life. In this sense, Dima was right to do so-instead of wild talk show with swearing relatives, who by virtue of education, don’t seem to understand how awful it all looks from the outside, Dima wrote a book about their common fight against a common grief. For myself, for memory, for my son, and for all those with similar trouble was encountered. R. i.p” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Recall that the seven dwarfs have left negative comments without attention. In his newspaper column for Grazia magazine, the broadcaster responded to the caustic remarks in his address, and also shared his impressions from the interview.

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