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Ksenia Sobchak complained of a difficult birth

Ксюша Собчак пожаловалась на сложные роды At the presenter had an easy pregnancy and a difficult birth.

Xenia Sobchak never answers the journalists ‘ questions about his son. The only way to know the details of the birth, which remains among the fans, is to watch for Ksenia in social networks.

23 February presenter was returning from a fashion show in Milan and was in a great mood. She decided to go live in Instagram to talk with their subscribers.

Leading fans began to grill her, half of which was the son of Plato. Someone asked whether she gave birth to Xenia, or she had a caesarean section.

And then 35-year-old journalist for the first time open up.

— I gave birth naturally. But honestly, cursed everything. Somehow it was very hard. This was an easy pregnancy and complicated delivery. But, I immediately told the doctors guys, if I’m going to shout that, say, give me a caesarean, you do not do it. But, well, that pain is quickly forgotten. And then, I’m really glad I did it myself, — said Xenia.

She added that he had read a lot of literature on this topic. Psychologists say that children who are born naturally more resilient and stress-resistant.

The child, when born, is experiencing less pain than a woman. And this stress when it is compressed the head of the bone during the “passage” through the birth canal, especially through a narrow pelvis… For him it is an ordeal. And when he passes, it becomes more tenacious and resilient. I think this is a very important point, for which the cost and to suffer, at once, to not think about yourself, — concluded Xenia.

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