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Ksenia Borodina told fans about a new infidelity of her husband

Last year Ksenia Borodina was on the verge of divorce Kurban Omarov. Then the TV presenter has accused her husband of betrayal and infidelity. “I lived in the pink glasses, was pregnant and believed her husband, I thought, here’s a tee and the outcome of his party, he will take up daughter and senses,” complained the star. However, the pair managed to reconcile and the divorce did not take place.

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Now the couple show a complete idyll in the family, but some fans of Xenia suspect that actually they have not so smooth. Rumors gave himself first when at a party hugged them Borodina a common acquaintance. Fans of Xenia made its findings and began to sound the alarm.

Subscribers presenter bombarded her Instagram message about what lobster is again flirting with other girls and Borodina should be on the lookout. Ksenia broke down and interceded for her husband.

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The star posted a picture of a snake spitting venom. “I wanted to write an angry post about your idiotic comments, but then I thought… yeah I have nothing to do, go to sleep”, — signed photo of Borodin (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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