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Ksenia Borodina explained why he insulted the heroine of the show “Reboot”

Recently, the Network appeared the first video in the new year edition of the show “Reboot”, which will air on January 15. The video caused an outcry among fans of the show, as during the filming of presenter Ksenia Borodina are unable to restrain emotions and unflattering expressed in the address of the heroine.

A girl named Sophia angel Baroque proudly stated that she is a model, actress, singer, poet and writer. “Great! Dramatic circle, the circle of the photo, and I also sing the hunt…” — commented on the talents of the girl Ksenia. However, after performing the song Sofia the presenter broke down and called her crazy Troll.

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The published video Shows “Reset” on TNT (@perezagruzkatnt) Jan 7 2017 11:19 PST

Many fans of the transfer felt that Borodin was too rough with the heroine. In an interview Ksenia explained why sharply expressed in the address of Sophia.

“I appreciate in people sincerity. And I try to be straight with people. When I met Sophia, I was in shock! A young girl each day, spending the night with different casual acquaintances! And the day is not trying to find a job, get a profession and to take a worthy place in life. No! Instead, it runs in the transitions from the cheerful songs and wings. If I were looking at the performance of Sophia, said “well done” and smiled — that would be hypocrisy,” said the star.

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According to Xenia, having learned the story of a girl, she she was scared. That is why the presenter was trying to be strict. Borodin wanted to convey to the heroine that, leading such a lifestyle, it’s a danger to himself. “Why Sophia came to us for a “Reboot”, it will be obvious to all who see the program. It was a necessary change. Both externally and internally. And I’m glad we were able to help her,” — said Borodin.

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