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KrAZ introduced an innovative SUV that will help the Ukrainian army

КрАЗ представил инновационный внедорожник, который поможет украинской армииAn unusual car was the Ukrainian developers.

Today PJSC “AvtoKrAZ” is actively working trucks of medium and small tonnage. How about a compact multipurpose vehicle that could be used as an SUV for active recreation, cars-tow trucks and even armored reconnaissance vehicle..

It turns out that there is such a project, and it’s called “Offroad KrAZ Modular with the modular system of bodies”. KrAZ Modular: new modular SUV project the Main idea of the new project – to reduce the cost of production and maximize the range of modifications. SUV with unconventionally large wheels in which the front part (engine compartment, windscreen, a-pillars and the wheel suspension), the frame and the rear suspension is one zelow.

A buyer has the opportunity to change the body modules at your discretion, buying them as needed. See ALSO: all-terrain Vehicle for the Ukrainian army: the draft DIGITEC Visual Engineering Armored Types of modules are the following. For the North – insulated, intended for the carriage of interchangeable watches work or to deliver goods to remote, rugged areas.

For an active holiday in the summer — has simplified doors and room for a surfboard or two bikes in the back; great for sandy areas. For active holidays in the summer period, the Third module is “Tow”. The machine has an overhead crane, a hoist and special tools for repair. KrAZ Modular can also be a pick – up truck with an open cargo platform, and as a racing car for the rally. Also available as a module for the hunters. Possibly the use of combat armored module with a rotary turret and a machine gun.

Tow truck And now the most interesting. “Offroad KrAZ Modular with the modular system of bodies” is a thesis project of a student of Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Vladimir Koval, informs the community “Ukrainian avtomobl” on his page in Facebook. It turns out his father worked at the time in SEC “Gazavtomatika” and Vladimir decided to follow in his footsteps. I want to believe that the project KrAZ Modular will be continued

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