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“Krampus” and “trick or treat” is one kinosalona?

Did you know that these movies are connected? It podvergaet the Director Michael Dougherty, and an interesting deleted scene.

Recall the picture “trick or treat” came out in 2007 and consisted of four intersecting stories that happened on Halloween. Then in 2015 Dougherty releases “Krampus”, the Christmas horror about the demonic antithesis of Santa. I already admitted, I haven’t seen the last film, but included it in your list to view closer to the New year. So the question about the relationship between these two bands I had not asked. Well, and when, as it turned out, there is.

Here’s what he says on this subject:

The film has several subtle hints to “trick or treat”, confirming that all events have the potential to develop in the same universe, but unfortunately, more direct references to “trick or treat” left on the cutting room floor room.

Fortunately, we have at least one deleted scene from “Krampus”, which clearly demonstrates Halloween horror Doherty. In this passage, the hero named Max (played by M. J. Anthony) shares with its cousins the stash of candy that remained with him since the Day of all saints. In the box is clearly seen big red Lollipop with a vicious countenance, resembling a pumpkin lamp Jack. That’s just none of the companies does not produce such candies. He, among other candies were invented specifically for the “trick or treat”, as manufacturers didn’t want their products appeared in the horror film.

Here’s a funny pasalacqua. I wonder whether will remove Dougherty’s “trick or treat 2”as many hope? Continue to build his own horror universe? I think it would be interesting.

Well, while waiting for Michael Daugherty’s “Godzilla 2”.

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