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Kourtney Kardashian told why again eating dairy products

Kourtney Kardashian

39-year-old Kourtney Kardashian has recently said that forever excluded from the diet foods with gluten, too high-calorie foods and dairy products. However, after some time, the reality star decided to change my diet.

The other day on its website, the mother of three children admitted that began to feel worse because of these limitations:

Lately I have not strictly followed the diet and gradually beginning again to add to your diet milk and products containing gluten. I noticed that before my stomach reacted to eaten ice cream or pizza, but not now, so I decided to completely eliminate these foods from your diet. My body got used to it.

In September of 2016 Courtney underwent a full examination, which revealed she has a sensitivity to gluten (gluten) and dairy products:

I switched to almond milk and bread from sweet potato. I also try to avoid processed foods. Focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, try to eat more proteins (e.g., meat, salmon, chicken, and eggs).

By the way, according to Courtney, she tries to teach their children, Mason, Penelope and the Rhine, from an early age to follow the diet. Sometimes, however, it still allows them to enjoy spaghetti or ice cream:

Of course, when we want a movie, I let the kids eat popcorn or a Popsicle at Disneyland. But for parties on the occasion of birthday, for example, I can prepare special cupcakes dairy-free and gluten-free, everyone is happy.

Courtney, who believes that organic products are the most useful, adds that very closely relates to what lies in her refrigerator. Older sister Kim Kardashian is a fan of cattily she moved to 2017.

Ketogenic diet — low-carb diet high in fat. Eliminate from the diet of rice, pasta, beans, sugar and starchy vegetables, but add oily fish, nuts, eggs.

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