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Konstantin Meladze commented on the contest “Eurovision-2017”

Константин Меладзе высказался о конкурсе "Евровидение-2017"The producer tries to justly evaluate the participants of the national selection.

Recently it became known that holding “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine on the verge of collapse, because the team working on the contest, refused further cooperation. Now, about the Eurovision song contest spoke and Konstantin Meladze, which is now part of the jury of the national selection in Ukraine.

“As for Eurovision, it is generally not a talent show. I was there a music producer, people are selected in order to represent our country at the Eurovision song contest. Select the songs, I guarantee that it will be honestly, openly, truly musical. I have a completely different function. It’s not a talent show, this is real music, real life”, — says Konstantin in an interview to “112 Ukraine”.

The producer believes that the policy does not affect the competition.

“I believe and try to think that Eurovision is not a political contest, it’s music, and win it singing people, primarily because last year defeated Jamal, absolutely brilliant, simply because she sings the best. And all the other sources and the reasons for its victory I reject for myself. I already listen to how she sings. For me it’s obvious,” said Constantine.

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