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Kononenko was poisoned with mercury.

Кононенко отравили ртутью - нардепSurrounded by Kononenko poisoning associated with its role in processes in the oil and gas sector, in particular around the subsidiary.

The people’s Deputy from BPP ally of President Petro Poroshenko Igor Kononenko was poisoned with mercury.

“There is a flurry of calls about poisoning Igor Kononenko. Firstly, it is, unfortunately, true. But, secondly, the enemies will not wait. And that’s the main thing,” he wrote.

“Igor is a strong man and can handle it. Of the incident he didn’t want to make sensation, so information is not disseminated.

Continues to work actively in the party and in Parliament. I wish him good health!” summed up Goncharenko.
At the same time, a source in the faction said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” that Kononeko “is now undergoing a rehabilitation program, detox program”. The Agency interlocutor also noted that “it will not affect the work in Parliament or in the party, because the fact of poisoning has occurred much earlier and did not affect the work.”

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According to the source, Kononenko did not give this fact publicity “to avoid any political insinuations around it.”

According to Kononenko is currently undergoing treatment as a result of mercury poisoning. “Shortly before the New year he was diagnosed with a … mercury poisoning. According to the verdict of the doctors, her blood exceeded 50 times. It is clear that the accident is not written off. According to sources, the poisoning did not happen simultaneously – the mercury accumulated in the body for a while. What conclusion is: it wasn’t attempted murder, but rather – an attempt to intimidate, incapacitate for six months or more,” the article reads.

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“Given that Kononenko is the right hand of the President not so much in political as in a delicate okoloushnoj Affairs, it is logical to assume: perhaps “Hello” is not transmitted to the Igor Vitalievich, but the whole Peter Alekseevich”, – reports

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