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Komorowski spoke about the rules of taking antibiotics

Комаровский рассказал о правилах приема антибиотиковWhat is the main danger.

Dr. Komarovsky told his parents about the rules of taking antibiotics. Published in a video on her Instagram page, the doctor reported, how often and when do I need to take medication and who should prescribe the medicines.

A well-known pediatrician recently who told us about the pain in the eruption of primary teeth, reported that antibiotics are not used then when roditeli decided to take it and when the child has a bacterial infection, and this diagnosis was put by the pediatrician.

Komorowski said that parents can not arbitrarily make the decision about antibiotics, and uncontrolled sale of antibacterial drugs in pharmacies doctor believes a crime.

“Never in a normal country, a normal society should not be sold antibiotic parents don’t have the mother make the decision to use antibiotic. It is generally, I believe, is a social crime. This is unacceptable,” said Dr. Komarovsky.

According to the pediatrician, uncontrolled use of antibiotics is leading humanity to the brink of disaster, when the bacteria are resistant to everything.

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