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Komorowski dispelled the myth about high temperatures in children

Комаровский развеял миф о высокой температуре у детейDr. Komorowski has called the most dangerous symptom is high temperature.

About this famous Ukrainian doctor-pediatrician said in his Instagram.

“With the temperature my daughter is always cold hands and feet. It is a feature or is it possible somehow to fix it?” asked Dr. Komarovsky.

That’s what he thinks about this well-known pediatrician:

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“Cold hands and feet – a reaction vessel and a rise in temperature, change of circulation is an individual feature. Importantly, they are just cool or cold blue. Usually if they’re cool (and they should be cool), but it is pink, it is nonsense, this is normal and may be at a high temperature, there is nothing terrible. But if they are cold and blue, then you need a doctor, it is necessary to look”. – concluded Evgeny Olegovich.

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