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Kommersant learned about the contents of the signed plan of integration of Russia and Belarus

«Коммерсантъ» узнал о содержании подписанного плана интеграции России и Белоруссии

Russia and Belarus already by 2022 can form, in fact, a Confederate state, the level of integration which will be higher than in the EU. The upgrade plan of the Union state in early September, was signed by the heads of both governments, but without disclosure, according to “Kommersant”, who managed to see the project. The publication calls it “pretty radical,” noting that on a number of issues relevant analogy is not even with confederal and Federal entities. In fact, much GOSUDARSTVENNAYA Russia’s economy is almost fully engulf the state economy of Belarus, whose GDP is now less than 4% of Russia.

Most important, the two countries will have a single Tax code which, as is customary in the confederations delineate the issues between the General and national levels. While it is difficult to assess whether this means the prospect of tax changes in Russia itself. In addition, 2021 Russia and Belarus should receive in common the customs and the energy policy — the creation of a single regulator. Also, the Russian and Belarusian companies will get unified access to public procurement.

It is important that will create the uniform accounting system of ownership and unification of economic legislation. Essentially, this means that Russia and Belarus should accept common Civil code. Since January, 2022 in the framework of the Union state should begin “a coordinated policy” in the labour market and in the sphere of social protection.

The document thus there is no question of the unification of emission centers (Central banks) and the creation of a common currency. In addition, the “Programme of action”, signed by Prime Minister, absolutely not affected by such matters as defence and state security, court and law enforcement, as well as education, health, science and the public administration, that is, the internal structure of the Executive power in Russia and Belarus.


This publication concludes that at least until 2022 to talk about “actual Association” between the two countries there is no reason in the document is only about economic integration.

The Treaty establishing the Union state of Russia and Belarus was signed in April 1996, but only after 2018, the integration of the two countries got a lot of discussion. This is due to one of the possible scenarios of preservation of Vladimir Putin in power after 2024, when the current version of the Constitution will not give him the opportunity again to be elected President of Russia. While Putin himself in June 2019 at the St. Petersburg economic forum, said that the Russian and Belarusians — one people, but for the state enterprises of the two countries “no reason”, which means that there are no such goals and plans.

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