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Kolomoisky plans to become a co-owner of PrivatBank

Коломойский планирует стать совладельцем Приватбанка

Igor Kolomoisky again plans to become a co-owner of PrivatBank or to return the money, which was deposited at the time of nationalization of the Bank.

On the question of whether Kolomoisky wants to regain the Bank, or invested in a financial institution funds, he voiced a different version.

For example, according to the oligarch, the state can recover statutory capital.

To prove that this capital was, in his opinion, it is necessary that the court proved it. This can be appointed a government Commission or independent auditors, which should determine that the Bank was capital, “which is multiplied by zero or even made negative.”

Kolomoisky suggested that the Bank then “so changed the accounting rules or accounting of capital standards,” that its capital was negative.

“So they said that there are 170 billion of loans that have no collateral, no that, this, support, so, sorry, you have a negative capital”, — said the oligarch.

According to him, on the basis of this was the nationalization of the Bank.

“But based on the question of audit and their report that it is insolvent”, — said the oligarch.

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In case, if it is found that it was illegal, then it is necessary to restore the capital in the Bank.

“It is necessary to recover my funds in the Bank. To say that I got 50 or 60 billion, But they are not in my pocket, they are in the Bank”, — said Kolomoisky.

On the other hand, Kolomoisky, for the last three years after the nationalization of banks, there have been many changes.

“There have been developments that we can no longer cancel, or can cancel, but then it is fraught with instability and possible financial collapse and the Bank. And to some extent for the banking market”,- he said.

And stressed that “we all want this”, because in the 3 years after nationalization were attracted new investors, issued new assets, loans.

At the same time, it’s all covered by the capital that has made the state, said Kolomoisky.

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“We don’t know, made it 150-160 billion? For example, if they made so much money and they are not there to pick up, then I have the option – gotta give me 50 billion; there you have 160 billion – give me action. We assume that the total capital of 200, or 210 billion Give me a cent and go together to coexist and manage the Bank more”, — said the oligarch.

On the question of whether Kolomoisky the possibility that he will become a co-owner of the Bank, he replied that such an option was considered.

“This option was discussed before they went on such a serious way when they decided to multiply by zero”, — he concluded.

Note that 2 billion, of which Kolomoisky said, this statutory capital of the Bank. Speaking in plain words, the Bank consists of assets (loans) and liabilities (deposits). If between assets and liabilities formed a negative difference, it is to be met through equity capital of the Bank.

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