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Kolomoisky made a loud statement on the nationalization of “PrivatBank”

Коломойский сделал громкое заявление о национализации "Приватбанка"Kolomoisky hurt how spent nationalization.

The former co-owner of PrivatBank said that the restructured debts of their companies to the Bank before it was nationalized.

“At the time of nationalization of the whole corporate portfolio was restructured at the request of the national Bank. 31 billion of mortgages recorded on the balance sheet, amounting to 124 billion restructured portfolio. The NBU has chosen an appropriate company, and loans were transferred to these companies”, – said Igor Kolomoisky.

He stressed that he did not agree with the assessment of the national Bank that 97% of the loan portfolio of legal entities was issued partners Kolomoisky for doubtful pledges.

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“A 75% stake in Naftokhimik Prykarpattya – is that a bad Deposit? We had a balanced loan portfolio audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers in accordance with IFRS. Is that not sufficient?”, – said Kolomoisky.

Most other co-owner of the Bank Gennady Bogolyubov touched it, how was the nationalization of the making of the shareholders of the Bank criminals.

“And they say I have to say something. Why?”, – said Kolomoisky.

“They did nothing for the recapitalization program. They performed under our terrible pressures only the first part, taking the balance of assets in the amount of UAH 31 billion – and that five days have brought balance one of the assets, estimated at UAH 5.5 billion. No mortgage, no normal borrowers, no real cash-flow from these borrowers, they have not provided,” – said the head of the NBU Gontareva Kolomoisky.

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“If they are within six months restructuring on market conditions, amount of credits, they face a criminal responsibility for finishing of Bank to bankruptcy”, – she added.

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