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Kolomoisky has recognized the danger of denationalization PrivatBank

Коломойский признал опасность денационализации ПриватБанка

The businessman invites the state to restore its capital in the Bank in the amount of 50-60 billion.

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky offers to the state as comprmising option in the dispute in the case of PrivatBank to return him to 24% stake in the Bank to not have to cancel his nationalization. As transfers the Internet edition of the about it it siasl in an interview with the Economic truth.

The businessman admitted that full repeal of the nationalization of the Private is threatened with collapse, not only the Bank itself but also of the entire banking system, because in this case, the government will take the financial institution from 150 billion to capitalize the money and recognizes its bankruptcy.

“I understand that if it is found that it was illegal, all this testing, changing standards. So how to restore the “status quo”? Need to recover my capital in the Bank. I have 50-60 billion, but they are not in my pocket, they are in the Bank”, — said Kolomoisky.

“If the state made a 150-160 billion and you can pick them up, you have the option: will credit me 50 billion, there you have 160 billion, give me my shares. We assume that the total capital of 200-210 billion. Give me my 22-24% of the shares and disperse”, — he added.

We will note, earlier the businessman demanded for the nationalization of PrivatBank compensation from the state 2 billion dollars.

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