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Kolomoisky called the victory Zelensky “a total victory with Avakov”

Коломойский назвал победу Зеленского "общей победой с Аваковым" Kolomoisky admitted that they had a fan club Zelensky.

The oligarch Igor Kolomoisky said that the victory on elections of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – “total victory” and his Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

On the question of whether congratulated Avakov his victory Zelensky Kolomoisky said: “We Avakov constantly communicate… Therefore, we believe that this is a common victory”.

Bigus asked how long it goes on “partnership in the context of elections.”

“We have no partnership regarding the selection Zelensky, we have a fan club Zelensky. We cheer for Zelensky. We and Julia (Yulia Tymoshenko – ed.) was sick together. We are rooting against Petit (Poroshenko – ed.)”, – said Kolomoisky.

The question is, at what point Avakov started “rooting against Petit”, the oligarch said, “I do Not want him to say, but I would if I was asked, when he had “irreversible process”, when Peter crossed the Rubicon, that is when about the son’s story was (“the case of the backpacks Avakov”, – ed.)

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