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“Kobzar”: horror-cartoon based on a Ukrainian classic (TEASER)

Ukrainian artists and animators moved to the screen the works of well-known and beloved Patriotic poet Taras Shevchenko. In the end it was “Kobzar”, a 12-episode animated film in the horror genre.

The creation of the cartoon did the authors of the comic Logopak. They believe that modern man must serve Shevchenko in new ways.

Here is what on this account, the producer of the series Maxim Prasolov:

If we work with Shevchenko as a serf, it will be a tearful sharovarschina. And if you like Stephen king as a horror author, it would be a very different attitude.

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In General, the work lasted more than a year. It was made more than 400 arts complex in the Ukrainian Baroque style authored by Alexey Chebykin. Here is how this Director Bogdan Shevchenko:

We did not have technical personnel, it is all made by hand of our artist Alexey Chebykin. Animated all the scenes with his drawings. Each piece was cut into parts — from 20 to one hundred fortieth these parts animirovanye.

The first episode of the animated show went to the mystical poem “gully ravine,” in the hands of artists turned into a fierce zombie horror.

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The question would have liked this cartoon very Taras authors laugh:

He would be delighted, would say, like, cool, dude, let’s go ahead.

I don’t know, like Shevchenko, but I like it. The teaser looks nice and cool, so what are waiting for when the “Kobzar” will appear before the audience. Premiere to be held this spring on Ukrainian television, and then the cartoon will be published on Youtube.

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