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Know-how Putin – criminal trap for the opposition

Ноу-хау Путина – уголовный капкан для оппозиции

Know-how Putin – criminal trap for the opposition. “Face time” with Mumin Shakirov

The state Duma in three readings has approved the bill forbidding to run for any elective office candidates previously convicted of crimes of medium gravity. We are talking in particular about the article about repeated violation of the rules of holding rallies, which previously served a sentence opposition activists and Ildar Dading and Konstantin Kotov.

Summing up the results of the 19th week in 2020 with a politician Dmitry Gudkov and film producer Sergei Selyanov.


Mumin Shakirov: My guest via Skype today – Dmitry Gudkov. Dmitry, when Vladimir Putin called a “political animal with a good nose” (so said one of our experts) – it is an insult or flattering feature for the alpha male?

Dmitry Gudkov: most Likely, flattering feature for the alpha male. But he’s not that good Chuikov, he was lucky with the oil prices. Almost 20 years Putin was an opportunity to fill the budget at the expense of the profits from the sale of oil. But I guess oil free milk.

Mumin Shakirov: In Russia is revealed more than 270 thousand cases of infection COVID-19. The second day in a row Operational staff registers record the number of deaths per day. However, the total number of deaths in Russia is still significantly lower than in other countries with a high incidence of infection. In this regard, all week, demographers, mathematicians, statisticians, officials, journalists and ordinary people were arguing, how can we trust the Russian official data, and why the Kremlin has decided to soften the quarantine. All this – in the story of Alena Vershinina.

Mumin Shakirov:

Dmitry, is there dual reporting or is it lying to Putin, and Putin is lying to the people?

Potbelly – reserve Fund – this watch Putin’s political life

Dmitry Gudkov: Putin lying, and people lie. I recently got acquainted with the schedule, and there is seen, as in the Kursk, Bryansk and other areas it comes down to a single digit. For example, they must show the number of cases per day, for example, 70 people, so if the city of 50, in region 20, in the city – 40, in the area is 30. It is clear that trying to “draw” the desired, “correct” figure. Evaluation of the effectiveness of governors might change depending on how they cope with COVID. Here are already a fool. Putin is not ready to pay for the quarantine people. Potbelly – reserve Fund – this watch Putin’s political life. The money he will need in order to provide lifelong power. He in fact wants another 16 years to rule. So Putin needs to vote on the amendments to the Constitution, which abolished his presidential terms. He doesn’t want to combine this with the elections, because there are observers – quite a complicated procedure, and he might lose. And he doesn’t want to spend reserves to help business and citizens.

Mumin Shakirov: Who is now more necessary that the citizens voted for a rewrite of the Constitution: personally to Putin or his entourage, officials who have many years with him in power?

Ноу-хау Путина – уголовный капкан для оппозиции

Dmitry Gudkov

Dmitry Gudkov: Of Course, Putin. Putin understands that it’s illegal. It is necessary to obtain a mandate from the citizens of the society, so he wants to vote. He was not sure in this procedure, the results, therefore, refused the referendum, from combining the ballot with other elections. If done according to the rules of the election – there are observers, candidates “for” and “against”, where you can vote, to campaign, and they made an absolutely illegal procedure. You can not control, how to count. That’s where he wanted it.


Mumin Shakirov: the Quarantine or isolation of almost two months. The promised money small and medium businesses, at best, to begin with may 18. Tens of millions of people work in this industry and live from paycheck to paycheck. Surely many money has run out. Why don’t people take to the streets to protest? Is it fear of the police more than the fear of hunger?

Dmitry Gudkov: the First reason is still hope. The second reason is usually to go two months in order to understand the real disaster. And this is the disaster that awaits today more than 10 million people working in the private sector. Even what is promised, is some penny. For example, USA today has already spent 3.2 trillion dollars for the support of the population, Japan is nearly a trillion dollars, Germany – 1.4 trillion euros. And we have 10-15 times less. Putin has enough reserves of almost 600 billion dollars. The national welfare Fund – $ 125 billion (11 billion rubles). It would be enough to repay all who lost work, for 30 thousand rubles. Take even a maximum of 25 million people. It will cost you per month 750 billion rubles, that is less than a trillion. And we have 11 trillion only in the national welfare Fund. The regions do not receive any money, business is not getting, people don’t get. And I do not understand why our government, Putin, unlike the leaders of all civilized countries, almost do not do anything to save people, to save the business. As the economy will continue to exist – is unclear.

Mumin Shakirov: the state Duma, having accepted the amendment restricts the ability of independent politicians and the opposition, convicted on 50 criminal counts, to run in the next election campaigns. At the same time, the election enters the postal vote and expand opportunities for early voting. Nowhere in the world no one would have thought that these two news are interrelated. Why in Russia it is interconnected?

In the amendment were those articles, which often are judged by the opposition

Dmitry Gudkov: the regime understands that she does not like people, and defeat even the most dishonest elections, it has not. And the government is trying to deal with two factors that could prevent her to win the election. The first factor is the presence of strong competitors. The second is the presence of observers at polling stations. Indeed, the amendments included more than 50 criminal offenses… According to the article “Extremism” can sue any opposition, who will write something “wrong” about the police or about the judge. There “Dudinsky” article – man three times violated the law on the organization of rallies. Konstantin Kotov came out of the subway “University”, was arrested. So he got third, in my opinion, the administrative record. And now he got a real prison term. In the amendment were those articles, which are often judged opposition.

Mumin Shakirov: That is a politician Yegor Zhukov, who three years probation. He is your ally. He can run? Or these amendments has limited his opportunities?

Dmitry Gudkov: Yes, limited. According to the investigation, he is an extremist. Of course, he was no extremist, but to participate in the elections, he can not. Konstantin Kotov participate in the elections can not. My friend – Vyacheslav Egorov from Kolomna, who is fighting the garbage dumps and factories in the suburbs, too “Dudinsky” article. He was under house arrest for six months. He will not be able to participate in elections. Although elections to the state Duma, for example, in Moscow region, very important from the point of view of struggle with “trash” mob. And such people are needed in the State Duma. But Egorov won’t be able to participate. This is the first. Second. We have tightened requirements to collect signatures. The maximum number of marriage now 10% and 5%. Imagine that you need to collect three weeks 15 thousand signatures to become a candidate in deputies of the state Duma, and suddenly you have 750 error – the comma is not there, bear the signature or beyond – it is all a mistake.

Mumin Shakirov: Supporters of Alexei Navalny argued that those restrictions are against the “smart” vote. How about this?

Dmitry Gudkov: it’s Definitely against the “smart” vote, but not only against him, is against any opponents of the regime. Opponent power, “inconvenient” man (whether he is Alexei Navalny or someone else) may be a strong candidate. Even in the regions there are in the parliamentary parties. Sometimes it happens that by the Communist party, “Fair Russia” in the regions are strong candidates. Like now, for example, Mikhail Timonov in the Moscow city Duma. This is a real opposition, but he was nominated from “Fair Russia”. It’s against the environmentalists who are struggling somewhere in their regions, against any potential winners in the elections, who are not satisfied with the power.

Mumin Shakirov: How the pandemic has restricted the power of protests? They moved only to the network? Or is the alternative that voters still heard you?

Dmitry Gudkov: the Pandemic will end. On the one hand, we are restricted and we can only work today on social networks. By the way, quite successful. For example, we launched the site where required Amnesty. We have a bill already introduced to the state Duma opposition factions have supported, because we organized a petition. Of course, no online meetings cannot replace real meetings. On the other hand, the pandemic hit and the government. Today most of our citizens saw Putin, who has hidden somewhere in his bunker, not helping citizens, business. Although everyone understands that he personally has all the opportunities to help them that the government has huge reserves, which they don’t want to spend on something to help the citizens. Of course, the ratings of Putin and the authorities, too, are down. So the protest is even more manifest themselves, beginning in the fall.

Mumin Shakirov: As you have now relationship with Alexei Navalny? Whether he is your soul mate, partner? Or do you snuff apart?

Dmitry Gudkov: of Course, we are allies. And in the elections to the Moscow city Duma we managed to agree on districts, we do not compete, we support each other. And I hope that the State Duma elections we will be able to negotiate. I generally try all possible to combine the resources, because one alone will not be able to do anything. I am a supporter of coalitions and joint campaigns, because the Union can call a synergy that allows you to achieve results.

Pandemic “stop motor”

Mumin Shakirov: connected on Skype, my guest is film producer Sergei Selyanov. Sergey, how many projects you have suspended or closed? And what projects continue to work?

Sergey Selyanov: We continue to work on all the projects that are in postproduction, this happens on “udalenke”. Productivity falls, but nevertheless this work possible. We stopped running a project debut. We, I think, will take the fall, it does not matter for a small painting.

Mumin Shakirov: Usually at this time in France’s Cannes film festival, but he canceled because of a pandemic coronavirus. While the planet already inspect the films and series online, actors and cinephiles at the same time with hope and caution await the end of quarantine. About how to contact the arts adapt to a new contactless world, will tell Ivan Voronin.

Mumin Shakirov:

Sergei, you have to adjust or rewrite the scenario as one of the heroines of our story Larisa Sadilova, given that the world around us has changed? If we talk about the year 1941, we can not fail to notice the Second world war. Can you tell us about the year 2020, not noticing a pandemic?

During the crisis, positive content is more popular

Sergey Selyanov: of Course, impossible to ignore this crisis attention. Will tell different stories. During the war, was the musical Comedy “Anton Ivanovich is angry”, “bag of bones”, in my opinion, too, was during the war. During the crisis, positive content is more popular. Give an example of the great depression in the United States, when the cinema was a great Comforter. The great depression lasted, I think, five years. We all hope that another month or two and life will return to its shores with small corrections, and the movie will also be produced as usual. They say they have already filmed a couple of movies in the world (about Russia I have not heard yet), which describe the coronavirus situation. And there will be more such films.

Mumin Shakirov: You rewrite scripts, make adjustments? Or remained the same?

Ноу-хау Путина – уголовный капкан для оппозиции

Sergey Selyanov

Sergey Selyanov: Some regions are already signaling that they are ready to take the cinematic group in compliance with the requirements, which together with CPS has developed. Most likely, it will not happen before June. For some time, while there are those security protocols, of course, have to make changes. Those who have shooting period was interrupted in March, will already be difficult with scenes related to love in its different manifestations, any close encounters, scenes will have to cancel. Will have to change, to adjust, to make the nature of many of the scenes that were written in the script as interior because it is easier to comply with these rules, less risk of infection than in a relatively small enclosed space.

Mumin Shakirov: the World around us has changed. And those films that were no longer relevant because we see a completely different picture of the world in all countries? Or some pattern will die and others will live?

Sergey Selyanov: If this crisis will last three years, it will change very much. If after two or three months, life will begin to get usual, with some adjustments, new habits that, in General, no. There were many epidemics and more terrible crises… the First world war had great importance for philosophy, for art. The first time people saw that you can kill millions of other people. But mainly after the First world war still in movie – tales, and heroic adventure, razmyshleniia history. Not to say that all of humanity suddenly has changed so much that he needs some Martian movie.

Mumin Shakirov: the Cinemas are now closed, unknown when open, how long will the quarantine last time. Will the viewer in the cinema, given that his purse pretty shabby? Are you in talks with theater owners on how to reduce ticket prices? If you do some work to get the audience in the hall?

Sergey Selyanov: We have many doing today. Hardly the consequences of the crisis we rashlebat earlier than through three-five years. This should be ready, including in the cinema. The movie and so very complicated business, low-margin, stock, many, no, they will get out of this situation very difficult. Really, it all depends on the viewer. We develop various possible scenarios, as well as the entire cinematic world. Look at world experience, which often helps…

There are two versions. Hungry audience, despite the fact that money became less, will be released in cinemas. Another option is the opposite: no money, theatrical repertoire for the first time will be weakened… Some movie theaters may be closed, fees will be small. In General, it will be a difficult period in economic terms. We and the Ministry of culture are discussing these things among themselves and with the Association sinodistillation, with the Association of producers of film and television. We all talk almost every day, I think which releases how to release in this situation, what marketing needs to be in this situation, what invitation we must turn to the viewer, whether it will hear us.

Mumin Shakirov: In Russia, the main survey periods occur in spring and summer. Now spring and summer are closed because of the pandemic. Does this mean that all the films planned to shoot this season, carry over to the following year? Or you need to rewrite the scenarios under fall-winter?

Sergey Selyanov: Indeed, this season will be running fewer new films, especially big ones. Absolutely, at the end of October usually ends the shooting season. And before that need to do training. A small number of movies is shot predominantly in the pavilions. And a lot of paintings, which had previously been planned, written for the winter. Winter is very beautiful, it’s great, but the short daylight hours. Since November we have had a very difficult movie to shoot. We are not California. So next year will suffer in the sense that the release of Russian films will be less.

Time is the best, the most important festival

Mumin Shakirov: Many observers and critics to write that the situation can save cinedrome: people sitting in cars and on the big screen looking picture. It was fashionable in the 50s, in the early 60-ies in America. Is it possible in Russia? In Moscow 15-20 years ago was one of kinodrom Krylatsky hills, but it closed. Is it possible the return of kinodrom, given that the cinemas don’t guarantee the safety of people?

Sergey Selyanov: it Must be possible. Was this in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. But this is nothing. It’s exotic, it’s a small bow. Kinodrom not able to provide the number of viewers, which is necessary for let not full, but the payback picture. Yes, and not just to equip a large number of such automotive sites.

Mumin Shakirov: And you will save situation streaming platform like Netflix? Many actors and big budgets go there. Whether you are working in this direction? Still, it’s the one stable audience that will sit in front of a monitor, smartphone, iPhone, or computer or download TV content to watch. Or is it not the salvation streaming?

Sergey Selyanov: the Primary market for TV series – TV and a platform for movie theaters. Secondary markets is a platform. The same television. That is, the market exists and develops. Prevents piracy, but nonetheless very strongly growing. We consider in their business plans. Before the crisis, during the crisis, he actually doubled their results. Of course, we considering, but it’s just part of the industry. But to beat the film, especially honey, on the platforms is not yet possible. With the development of industry will appear the projects (they are already there), which is focused on platform. This wing of the film industry will develop, but there is no separate, special panacea. This is one of the wings of the industry.

Mumin Shakirov: this year marks the 20th anniversary of the film “Brother-2”. It continues to show on television. It brings you all the income? Or is it this story is already gone, this is like a memory?

Sergey Selyanov: Some income is earned, they are not very significant. We haven, as well as the film “Brother”, and other films of the film company STV, posted on YouTube, you can watch for free, it is available on many platforms. We are very pleased that it looks, from time to time are the screenings, people come to the cinema in memory of Balabanovo and about this film. Viewers who have seen it probably ten times, still come. It’s all great. A picture lives. This is not about business, it’s just about real life pictures. Time is the best, most important festival. The paintings that are tens of years, is happiness for the creators and hopefully for the audience.

Mumin Shakirov: the American historian William Mann draws a parallel between contemporary events and a century ago, when the world was “Spanish flu” that claimed countless lives and fully, according to Mann that changed the industry, especially in America. Industry was pushed out the small players, large companies that we all know now, is the Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures, and others. He claims that today the story of the pandemic is a repetition of the past. Die small independent company, the filmmakers will unite for a major company. You are one of the major players in the Russian market. This Association will happen or not? You will become stronger due to the fact that will select small company, or you yourself will join in some larger structure?

Sergey Selyanov: Yes, a certain number of players (can be, not only small ones) may leave the arena. But from the “Spanish flu” not 40, not 60 million, not more people died, and it lasted a long time. Yet it does not seem. Despite the unusual circumstances attendant to the crisis, it is still relatively short. I don’t think these trends will have any expressed. Another thing is that every industry moves in a direction generally consolidation, the emergence of larger players. The more developed industry of some kind, some kind of industry, the more opportunities the emergence of large players within it. And too small, and beginners. It is quite a healthy sign. It’s probably going to happen organic procedure, but a real crisis I don’t see.

Mumin Shakirov: During a pandemic, many ask for money from the state. Filmmakers ask for money? And if you Shine something from the budget?

Sergey Selyanov: Yes, we wrote letters. There is about money, about taxes, about loans, about 12 points. With these points we appealed to the government. While there is no specific answer. But I hope, obviously, the support of the state.




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