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Klitschko told what to do, the people of Kiev on the “debt” for hot water

Кличко рассказал, что делать киевлянам с "долгами" за горячую водуIf the person did not receive water for free.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that Kiev did not need to pay the bills for hot water, if it was not.

“If you have no hot water, and you get a bill for hot water, it’s unfair, and it is clear that to pay for it makes no sense. Each person who receives the score – no need to pay, but definitely need to check where this score came from… there has to be some kind of glitch, error,” – said Klitschko.

He noted that if the person did not receive a certain type of utilities, not paying for it need.

As reported, in Kiev from April of this year, there is no hot water. This was due to the fact that Naftogaz stopped gas supplies to Kiev because of debt private company “Kyivenergo”. Hot water began to return, starting from 15 October.

At the same time, PJSC “kyivgas” payment population for September assessed that scrip for gas for the entire period of absence of hot water in the capital, citing the fact that the adjustment is performed “on the basis of the heating company, which fixed the period of absence of hot water. Charged in accordance with the decree of the CMU of March 23, 2016, No. 203, which provides the gas consumption rate of about 5.4 cubic meters for the period of absence of hot water for one person (if not installed individual gas meter). And if the hot water consumption rate for one person is 3.3 m, the cube.”

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