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Klitschko told how to remotely control the temperature in the premises

Кличко рассказал, как дистанционно контролировать температуру в помещенияхThe mayor campaigned Kiev to install a remote monitoring system of energy consumption.

In Kiev, the remote monitoring system of energy consumption is already running at 400 public sector institutions of the city, including in schools and kindergartens.

The Metropolitan government continues to introduce in schools and kindergartens is unique for Ukraine system of remote monitoring of power consumption. To date, this system works 400 public sector institutions of the capital. This was announced by the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko during a visit to the capital of a kindergarten №402, where the system is installed for remote monitoring of heat consumption, the press service of the mayor.

Through this program, you can remotely monitor the temperature in the premises to operate equipment individual heat in schools or kindergartens, to identify irregularities in the system, and most importantly – to respond quickly to changes in the weather and work schedule of the institution. That is, at night or during holidays when training is not conducted, the level of energy consumption can be reduced to the necessary technical minimum.

“Five times the average Ukrainian spends more energy than the average European. I’m sure this new modern technology we should use everywhere. And now Kiev is an example for other cities. We now turn to the “Smart city”, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

Kindergarten №402 was built 55 years ago and had many technical problems. The room was always cool. Two years ago it held the insulation of the facade and Windows. In 2017 established the system of remote control of energy consumption. This has improved the comfort level of the child’s stay in the premises.

“Thanks termosanatsii we revived. We had an old window. The room was very cold. And now it’s very warm. We are very happy. Payment for energy resources has significantly decreased,” – said the head of the kindergarten Valentine Yatsenko.

Total spending for heat in educational institutions of the capital this year amounted to about 800 million hryvnia. The equipment of calorific points systems control the weather give energy savings in the amount of 25-30 percent. As experts say, having the automatic only for the winter holidays could save 1.5 million. A monitoring system will allow to save an additional 10 percent.

“This system proves that using modern technology, we save 30-40% of energy. This means that 300 million USD a year we can save. And that funds for the construction of two kindergartens. Not using this system, we have the money thrown into the air,” – said Vitaly Klitschko.

During the visit the mayor of Kiev signed a Memorandum of partnership between the State Agency on energy efficiency and energy saving of Ukraine and Kyiv city state administration on the introduction of energy management systems in the public sector to improve energy efficiency of buildings of public institutions.

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