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Klitschko has predicted a decline in prices for apartments in Kiev

Кличко спрогнозировал снижение цен на квартиры в Киеве Kiev mayor does not exclude that in the capital there can be a collapse of the real estate market.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko admits that due to the large number of new buildings in the city could collapse in the real estate market, causing housing prices may decrease.

“Indeed, such a threat is. Today for that information which I own, approximately 60 thousand apartments developers have not sold. And then continue to build. If there is a collapse, the collapse will be in the direction that the price of housing will be able to more decrease,” he said.

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According to him, many foreign companies willing to invest in Kyiv “on reasonable terms”, buying land and building houses.

Also, the mayor assured that the city needs to grow. But the priority is not only development.

“Kiev is also an industrial and tourist center. Therefore, we need a balance,” – said Klitschko.

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We will note, earlier Klitschko assured that the city government will not write off the debts of developers.

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