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Kit Harington has criticized Marvel studios for homophobia

Кит Харингтон раскритиковал студию Marvel за гомофобиюKit Harington rebuked the creators of Marvel.

The star of the fantasy series “Game of thrones” kit Harington expressed the indignation of the famous Marvel studios. He is unhappy that the actors who play superheroes in films are not gay.

The British actor said in an interview with Variety that he made at the film festival TIFF-2018 in Toronto.

Kit Harington rebuked the creators of Marvel that they do not enter in the superhero strips of the actors gay.

There is a huge problem, which is that courage and homosexuality can’t go side by side. Why are actors, who in real life are gay can’t play superheroes in Marvel movies? When will it happen?,– said the actor.

By the way, the Marvel studios, created in 1939, is considered one of the largest companies that specializiruetsya in the production of movies based on comics. Since 2009 she also is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. For the entire history of Marvel has created a huge number of superheroes, among which the most popular are Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Black Panther, Iron man and many others.

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