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Kira Plastinina told about the support of her husband when she was bankrupt


In late January, former designer Kira Plastinina and entrepreneur Trey Valette staged a luxurious wedding in the hot Mexico. The couple organised their guests a memorable holiday and stretched it into three days. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


Before the wedding, Kira preferred not to divulge his personal life, but recently she spoke about her new husband, Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “Trey and I have known for over 11 years he studied in the Anglo-American school in Moscow. First, just friends, and 8 years ago started Dating,” shared Kiera.


Last summer it was reported that the brand Kira Plastinina will cease to exist due to the debt of 500 million rubles. As told by Kira, even if Trey was supportive and was always available in the most difficult situations.

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“From the earliest days of our friendship I felt that this was a very special person in my life. But to understand what place he will take, it took time. I had a eventful and emotions of youth, and our strong relationships helped me a lot,” said Plastinina.


Recall, the brand Kira Plastinina in 2007, was created by entrepreneur and billionaire Sergei Plastinin, to please his beloved daughter Kira. Once a businessman saw pictures of a little girl, which depicted the outfits for her dolls, and was inspired by the idea of creating a fashion brand. In recognition Plastinina, he invested in the business for 100 million dollars.

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