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Kinosalona “Curse” – the total fees exceeded one billion dollars!

James WAN and the team make history. The total cost for production of four films from cinema of the universe “Curse” was less than $ 100 million, and the total box office has exceeded billion, with rent the fourth is in full swing and ahead of us another spin-off of “the Nun”, a film about the Hunchback and “Spell 3”.

The first film, “the Conjuring” (The Conjuring, 2013, Director James WAN) had grossed about $ 320 million (over 10 million of them – cash charges in Russia). A sequel (also removed van) collected in 2016 around the world more than 320 million. The first spin-off, “the Curse of Annabelle” (2014, directed by John R. Leonetti, Wang was one of the producers) made a box office of over 257 million, and “the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil” (dir. David F. Sandberg) to date has collected more than 102 million.

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All four films proved himself in the Russian hire.

Ever hear the opinion that the main achievement of the WAN as a Director, screenwriter and producer was that he started to make horror movies “as a blockbuster”, but personally, I with this statement is not entirely agree. For closed schemes blockbusters tried to remove a lot of things, but rarely what kind of genre the movie succeeded with this approach to achieve success – remember the failure of “Calls” for example.

Similarly, we now see that different companies are trying to build different kynoselen is an obvious trend, replacing and as a kind of “upgrade” traditional, proven over the years the scheme with the release of direct sequels and prequels. But that’s Universal with his dark universe in “the Mummy” failed.

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The merit of the van I see in the other: meticulous attention to detail, some “frightening” scenes, sometimes turning his films into a sort of a set of individual mini-films associated shared through story. Remember the first trailer for “Curse”? It was, in fact, finished a short horror film. Excellent short film!

This approach van was borrowed, ironically, from the good old Giallo and the slasher, in which scenes of murder were often built according to the rules of a separate “film in film”. The novelty of the van that he was able to apply this approach in a mystical horror film about ghosts and possession.

Although, of course, these achievements James is not limited. And this is only my opinion with which you may be completely disagree 🙂

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