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“King Kong: skull Island” may become a series. Bad series

This news is more like trolling. Or to blackmail. Don’t want to be your franchise ruined by making useless series of the same name? Pay! Somehow I imagine the dialogue that could take place between producers of the companies, the Legendary Entertainment and IM Global Television, where the role of the ransomware will perform last.

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Legendary in conjunction with Universal Pictures has released this year on the big screen the blockbuster movie “Kong: skull Island” (Kong: Skull Island), and continue to work towards the creation of kynoselen, in which king Kong faced Godzilla.

Meanwhile, IM Global Television and MarVista Entertainment are going to release a TV series called “king Kong: skull Island” (King Kong: Skull Island).

Inspiration, Keum, plagiarists, the creators of the show get in the original classic film “king Kong” in 1933, as well as in the drawings of artist Joe DeVito, who since 1992 has worked with the relatives of the producer and Director of that same old “Kong” Meriana K. Cooper, developing the world of skull Island and world of king Kong.

Yet, if you do not pay attention to obvious and intentional similarity in the names, it looks quite serious isn’t it? More Kongs, good and different!

However, very, VERY confused by that at the helm of the project will stand Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title, who will perform with the writers and Executive producers of the series. This Duo (and Penner and Title in – a-lifetime husband and wife) shall bear full and comprehensive responsibility for the horror movie “Babyman” (The Bye Bye Man). The critic trashed the “Babymen” on all counts – and it was for that. In my review I wrote about the fact that the film is NOT as bad as say foreign colleagues. But that “Babyman” NOT TOO GOOD – no doubt no one. Moreover, the weakness of the movie was just in the “raw” scenario, and uneven direction (plus disgusting the installation).

So from the series “king Kong: skull Island” is unlikely to expect something special.

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