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Kim Kardashian boasted toned figure and perfect abs

Kim Kardashian

38-year-old Kim Kardashian his form he spends a lot of time and attention — she, like her older sister 39-year-old Courtney, regularly attends the gym, constantly working on himself and hones your figure. Yesterday the wife of 41-year-old Kanye West was published in Instagram a picture of home gyms and informed subscribers that returned to training with his mentor, Amanda Lee.

In the photo Kim dressed in black leggings, top and bright sneakers from Yeezy, sitting on the fitball and a little hand covers his face. Despite the fact that in sports Kim apparently had some break, for her body it seems did not affected — she boasted a narrow waist and perfect abs.

As told the coach of the stars, her client loves exercises for glutes, abs and inner thighs, but the cardio she does not abuse.

Buttocks and a press are two of our main goals. Kim and Courtney love exercises for inner thighs and glutes, for example, the abstraction of feet apart and the so-called kicking ass

— said Amanda Lee.


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