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Kim Kardashian admitted that he is not happy with their appetizing buttocks

Kim Kardashian

Recently 37-year-old Kim Kardashian made an unexpected confession. In the new episode of the reality show “the Kardashians” aired on Sunday, the star said that in fact not completely happy with their curvaceous.

This curious fact about the wife of rapper Kanye West revealed unexpectedly. During the episode the older sister of Kim, Kourtney, casually remarked that her buttocks look very large. This review immediately responded mother of the famous sisters, 62-year-old Kris Jenner. She hinted Courtney that such a remark could offend the average Kardashian. Courtney, in turn, that remark from her was genuinely surprised.

She likes her sexy buttocks! I didn’t say anything offensive!— said the older Kardashian.

This statement could not remain indifferent to Kim.

Not true! I cry over this every day!— suddenly confessed celebrity.

According to Kim, she’s training due to its “fifth point” did not look so huge and harmoniously looked on the background of her overall physique.

Kim Kardashian

The statement three times mom surprised her many fans, because once the star has become famous throughout the world largely thanks to their big buttocks. Words Kim also disagree with the case: all summer she proudly displayed the figure in his Instagram and even revealed their curvaceous forms in the new advertising campaign of the brand Yeezy, owned by her husband.

By the way, Kim does not hide from the fans that actively works on your body. Star sits on ketodienes and active in sports. Among the favorite Kardashian exercises — squats, lunges and exercises with elastic bands. However, the star hates burpees and jumping on the platform, however, regularly work out and these exercises for a narrow waist and a beautiful relief muscles. Careful work yields results: recently the star admitted that weighs only 53 kgs at growth of 159 centimetres.

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