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Killing Floor 2 is celebrating Halloween

A little over a week remains until Halloween, which means all the more delicious with a variety of themed POPs up here and there. Check out, for example, a series of two-minute horror movie from the producers of “Mars” and “Snickers”. Or take that great pumpkin carves festival Director of “Nuns”.

A few days later, on 24 October 2017, the developers of the horror-action Killing Floor 2 will release on Xbox One new update that is already available for PC and PS4. The update is called Halloween Horrors Content Pack.

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It includes a new game map, new weapons (including new weapons for each character class), a number available only during the Halloween items, a new boss and a new mission.

Tripwire Interactive has released a multiplayer FPS in November 2016. The action takes place one month after the end of the first part. In a world of chaos, the government collapsed, the connection does not work, destroyed by the army. The players have to fight for survival…

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