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“Killing a sacred deer” in Russian (TRAILER)

Today, we straight day of Russian trailers, which come in flocks. And that’s good, because not all understand foreign dialects. Yes, there are films where the translation is almost not required, but there is a very “conversational” movies, where without knowing the language anywhere.

For example, “Killing a sacred deer” (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) , George Lanthimos. The film is full of himself what a strange, unhealthy, or what. A disturbing and exciting. Actually, not a movie that a wide audience is not yet available, but the impression he creates through promotional materials. Although here also the names of the creators make themselves known, they are not a priori expect something banal.

So, the plot complication outlined in the most General terms, a couple of trailers we were little, and even if the heroes do not understand… anyway, now this case better. Only caution: the song from the video can easily stick to the brain.

A talented heart surgeon Steven lives a happy life with his wife Anna and two beautiful children. This family idyll is threatened by a Ghost from the past that Stephen no longer afford to hide.

The film starred Colin Farrell (“True detective”), Barry Keegan (“Dunkirk”), Nicole Kidman (“the Others”), Alicia Silverstone (“blast from the past”) and bill camp (“One night”).

Russian premiere is scheduled for November 16, 2017.

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