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“Killer” Skype has launched video calls

«Убийца» Skype запустил видеозвонкиSlack added to your messenger video calls.

Platform for corporate communications, Slack added to your messenger video calls.

This innovation will allow to steal even more users from Skype and Gmail.

Support for new functions will appear in desktop applications for Mac and Windows, and in Chrome for several days, and some Ukrainian users of it have already appeared.

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Mobile app users can connect to video, but yet will only hear the audio.

To make a call to a colleague, click on the icon of the handset, and then enable video. Slack video will also feature one Emoji that will allow you to react when you turn off the microphone.

Slack will also allow you to make video calls through other services, like Google Hangouts or Zoom connected to it. In the settings you can choose which service to automatically receive calls.

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