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Kill the leader of the “LPR” in Luhansk: new details

Убийство главаря "ЛНР" в Луганске: новые подробностиSurfaced unexpected details about how the leader of the terrorists.

Killed in Lugansk, the head of the “people’s militia LNR” Oleg Anashchenko was one of the most influential and important figures in the hierarchy of Pro-Russian terrorists in Eastern Ukraine.

About it said in his Facebook journalist Yuri Butusov.

According to him, Anashchenko eliminated.

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“In its influence among the security forces, “LC” currently Anashchenko rivaled only head of the “Ministry of public security LC” Leonid beekeeper. With the participation of beekeepers was all resonant eliminate the militants “LC”, committed by Russian special services forces, mercenaries, PMCs such as “Wagner”,” – said Butusov.

Now, he says, in “LNR” there are only two independent affecting the siloviki figures having independent contacts with the Russian “curators” is a Carpenter and beekeeper.

“And something tells me that the disassembly of bandits in Lugansk will continue until one of them gets to his opponent,” – said the journalist.

Anashchenko could be one of the most likely candidates to replace Carpenter, but “already gone,” added Butusov.

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