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Kill, baby, kill: review of the film “Bad blood” (2018)

David and his young daughter Amy are living together in perfect harmony – while their usual life does not break the series of tragic events that killed people familiar to them. Trying to understand strange behavior and reactions of the daughter to these incidents, David comes to a shocking conclusion – maybe Emmy is the cause of these deaths.

Despite having a filmography of several horror films (including, as a minimum, the wonderful TV adaptation of “Lot” by Stephen king) in his debut directorial work of actor Rob Lowe ‘s still in touch with the genre. He carefully tries on the tooth of time-tested (or, let’s be honest, broken) templates and prioritizes according to classical manuals. It is easy to understand that the screen shows not the job of plain corn professional, and the first steps of an interested Amateur is not always strong and not at all confident. Largely visible and clear boundaries, specific television format in which the author is obviously too tight.

The gratifying to see that in some scenes approach works exactly as it should – on the back gives me the shivers, and was pleased with a good perspective and highlight those details that needs to see the audience. In the example you can record a scene where the girl is rehearsing in front of mirror innocent phrase about the “bouquet kisses” – she was impressive even in the trailer. And let the basic moves of the plot are easily guessed almost from the beginning, and let the periodic dimming for commercial break a bit of an eyesore, and let the film so neat and bloodless that it seems almost childlike – look at this shot truly from the heart catcher is still aesthetically pleasing. And for fans of the original 1956 here in store a few interesting Easter eggs. For example, a female psychiatrist, communicating with Emmy, plays Patricia McCormack, who performed the same role of a sinister girl in the original tape.

In addition, low in the Arsenal is a very strong projectile, firing from the first minute of the film amazing grace McKenna in the title role of the strange and eerie girls with cold eyes. Play grace in some scenes are strikingly authentic and convincing, the best candidate for this role would have been impossible. Rob himself while coping with his hero on a solid “four” and pulls the blanket the screen time itself, for what it is worth thank. In any case, he ensures that the audience’s attention was focused on the main characters of the story – the actors of the second plan as if deliberately played without enthusiasm, sometimes even negativa a couple of standard replicas.

“Bad blood” 2018 far to the rank of a masterpiece, and it is certainly not the remake, which is able to completely overshadow the original. But full as possible, giving the creators the respect for the basics and excellent the game young grace make this Thriller is a good option for viewing. Well, the final moral is clear as day – be careful with those who are dear to you.

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