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Kiev was much discussion of the fall Shulyavska bridge

Киевляне бурно обсуждают падение Шулявского мостаMonday evening, February 27 in Kiev, Shulyavska collapsed bridge.

The first commentator of this event was the mayor Klitschko, who suggested that the bridge is just “tired” to stand.

Social media users picked up the baton of statements dedicated to the sad event.

People predict that the blame for the partial collapse of the bridge shuliavska, in all seriousness, can “shoulder” on the bridge itself.

Shuliavska bridge. Brilliant

Published Kiev – the City where I live 27 Feb 2017

In social networks already suggest, not tired whether Klitschko, after a bridge Shulyavska.

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Киевляне бурно обсуждают падение Шулявского моста

Unlike the mayor, the users Sonny blame sluchivsheesya not “fatigue Shulyavska bridge”, and the usual corruption.

Киевляне бурно обсуждают падение Шулявского моста

However, the wording of Vitali Klitschko about the reasons of collapse the bridge shuliavska, can be salutary example for other Ukrainian officials.

Киевляне бурно обсуждают падение Шулявского моста

The political scientist and journalist Andrey Manchuk in my FB remembers as a collapsed bridge: “in Kiev collapsed section Shulyavska bridge. And I’ll tell you why it happened. It all started 10 years ago, in April 2007, when the Nazis burned located under the bridge flea market, where traditionally traded Africans. The bridge is burned and cracked. Since then, it almost continuously repaired, but a week ago aunts Klitschko demolished under the bridge kiosks (see photos), damaging temporary bracing. It caused the collapse of meltwater the bridge could not stand”.

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