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Kiev was covered with a thick haze

Киев накрыла густая дымкаAlso there is a bad smell.

Wednesday, October 10, Kiev was enveloped in a thick haze. Could that the concerns of residents of the capital, could be a consequence of the fire in Ichnia, covered a large part of the capital.

Residents of Kiev reported that on the morning of 10 October, many areas of the city covered in thick smoke. Also people felt unpleasant smell. Kievljane believe that this phenomenon is due to the massive fire at an ammunition depot in Ichnia, which is located near Kiev. We decided to ask the employees of gschs what is really going on.

The Deputy head of the press service Alexander Makushenko that a thick haze over the Kiev is the fog. It arose due to certain weather events, as well as allow Makushenko, due to the fact that it actively began to work the boiler.

Also, the press service of the SSES informs that there is no threat and smog from fire in Ichnya for the residents of Kiev not. The same statement was made in KCSA – Kyiv mayor reassured the people of Kiev, saying that they are safe.

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