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Kiev to return the Donbass in five years – Advisor to Zelensky

Киев вернет Донбасс через пять лет, - советник ЗеленскогоMilitary Advisor Zelensky Ivan Apartin said that Kyiv will return the Donbass in five years and not militarily.

“Our Armed forces are able to fully ensure our safety. But you know our resources are limited. On the return of the Crimea and the Donbass. If today the Donbas is a term of five years, the territory of the Crimea is a prospect more remote. But I don’t see today the opportunities to return our lands by force. I can plan a military operation. I know people who are able to spend. We can perform any calculations until sizes. But I would not advise anyone in General to consider the possibility of the return of our territory by carrying out military operations. The loss will be huge. Today it is already a missed opportunity in 2014”, – said Uparsin.

Zelensky also, the expert noted that the conduct directly talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin is a no win situation.

“As soon as we begin to do our partners, who support Ukraine now, turn away from us. They understand that there may be a prospect. But how is it to ensure the return of these territories? I understand that to go to Moscow today to negotiate directly with President Vladimir Putin is an absolutely no win situation. It is impossible to say directly, so we have to ask for help from our partners. I would do everything to ensure that the United States was involved in this process. This position is a powerful player who listens. I am very close to the position of great Britain. I would have begun negotiations on the peacekeeping forces, about their access to the border between Ukraine and Russia”, – said Uparsin.

Earlier, Ivan Apartin told that does not support direct negotiations with the President of Russia and the separatists in the Donbas.

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