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Kiev suggested, where you can relax with children

Киевлянам подсказали, где можно отдохнуть с детьмиIt’s time to plan the weekend.

Summer is in full swing – you’re already on the beach, visited the zoo animals fed, museums were like… In General, where only was not! Run out of ideas where to go with the children to walk? Now tell, where recently we visited.

Trampoline center, Sky Family Park
Price: 100 UAH/ticket (12 years old, but with parents, you can 6)

It is the trampolines, and fun and fitness all in one. Have nanoholes, nadalis son from the heart. From the pros: fancy spending time on the water – there are places where you can just jump on the trampoline, and sometimes need to show courage and pass the whole sports test.

There are also disadvantages. Kids can’t go in there. First, to the trampoline centre need to swim across. However, in the vest. And secondly, it is designed more for adults and school-age children. There are difficult trails where the baby simply cannot do it even with your help.

Even the ticket price is one day, but to leave you not even for lunch. Since you will need to take the vest and that means that the session is over. But to stock up on sandwiches, to make a halt on the shore too, not much will come of it, since the territory Sky Family Park is not allowed with your food and drinks.

Sky Park Growers
Price: 30-50 UAH/route

We found a Paradise for energetic boys and girls, as well as an active dad and mom. I think this is one of the most interesting and big slides which my son was. Trails of varying difficulty levels. There is a rope cube and a track for babies from 3 years. And there are 4 trails for adults and a climbing wall.

Киевлянам подсказали, где можно отдохнуть с детьми

From the pros: have a loyalty card. After 10 visits you get 15% discount. However, here comes the minus. Count not the number of tracks traversed, namely, the days of visiting the Park.

Киевлянам подсказали, где можно отдохнуть с детьми

By the way, SkyPark is located in the Vineyard Park. Therefore, we can pre-plan a small outing. There are just magical!

Set tour cards: “Croqui! Kyiv”
Price: 160 UAH.

Map in hand, the route selected, we go on a tour. So cool to be a tourist in my own city. Now live in Kiev since birth, but still so many places I’m not familiar with such mysterious streets and squares remains to be seen! In a set of miracle cards “Croqui! Kyiv” 12 family walks in the city. And they are all so different routes by hour, monuments-animals, lights, ladders Kiev.

Singing fountains on Independence square
Price: free

One of the Hiking trails (as I described above) we have planned so that at the end it came to singing fountains on the Independence square. If you have not been there – I highly recommend them! The kids are so delighted to admire the new landmark of Kiev! This beauty can be viewed every day except Monday, from 21:00 to 23:00.

The rest of the beauty will not show. Not to disclose immediately all the cards. And to look there really is something. The height of the highest jet-big fountain – 35 meters, and small fountains – 15 meters. Dancing water in the city center singing the songs of Queen, Okean Elzy, Jamala.

Park swings at ENEA
Price: 30 UAH/1 person, children under 120 cm is free.

Did you know that this Park is the largest Park of swings in Europe? Here is the landmark “under the nose”, far and not necessary to go. Swing is not just for babies, but adults can remember childhood and to have fun from the heart. After all, there are more than 50 kinds of different swings.

Киевлянам подсказали, где можно отдохнуть с детьми

Oh, I remember even being pregnant was so fascinated that I could not take it out of the Park. Our dad was crazy about swings in the form of cocoon, and Marconi it was impossible to pull out of the machine swings (and not with a toy, and most of this).

Киевлянам подсказали, где можно отдохнуть с детьми

Well, next weekend you now have exactly where to go with the whole family, and we are going to look for new interesting places to experience.

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