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Kiev shared the secrets of survival in the hellish heat

Киевляне поделились секретами выживания в адской жареPeople are willing to help.

These days in the capital city of stuffiness. The 30-degree heat and rain is not the best way affect health. Doctors say the increasing cases of syncope. And Kiev in social networks share experiences, how to give first aid until the ambulance arrives. The journalists decided to conduct an experiment: “losing consciousness” in crowded places, to know the reaction of Kiev. Let’s say in advance: our people are very responsive and will not die.

Postal area

Near the fountain, where I went, benches are all busy — a few dozen moms and dads walk with kids. Their eyes and faint.

“Open your eyes, open your mouth, inhale, good job” — I grabbed a few hands. In the face abundantly pours water flow into the eyes, ears, scruff of the neck. Someone takes my bag and puts it under your head, RUB your earlobes. “I’m a doctor, open your eyes, all is good. What’s your name?” — asks the man with a year-old child under his arm. Around me is a dozen anxious people.

“My good, all will be well. Take care of your health, you still all ahead,” says a woman in a white dress, rubbing my forehead with a wet towel. Someone keeps pouring water on me. Even wet jeans. Men pulling hands, checking if I had a fracture. Then take the arm and lead to some shade. The man with the child under the mouse appears to be Oleg, a neurologist in holiday, diagnosed “low pressure” and strongly recommends to visit the hospital. Thank you all, I say that I feel better and slowly Retiro “Do not try to go down into the subway — ride ground transportation” — told me last.

Kontraktova square

A lot of people have a rest near the monument to the Pan. “Lose consciousness” near the bus stops. Seconds — and the two men lift me. Another passer-by shouts: “not in the aquarium, let her on the grass in the shadow.” While I seated under a tree, heard the question about the ambulance. Open my eyes, refuse. A man brings me a pint of ice water from a kiosk. Two women suggest applying it to the temples. Deal about health, water is not water. One of them helps up, gives me his scarf and carries over to the turnstiles in the subway.

Киевляне поделились секретами выживания в адской жаре

On Kontraktova square I sat under a tree. Photo: Vladimir Borodin/””


“Bad” is getting near the steps opposite the exit from metro. Little people — after a few seconds of me talking to two men. Ask me how I feel, do you need an ambulance. Immediately to get help, and one of them brings to the bench, promises to bring water. In five minutes, brings in half-liter bottle of soda. Apologizes that he has to go. Vacationers around on benches, foreigners and women of interest to me do not show.


A lot of guests photographed on the background of the fountains, the kids are bathed. “Fall” near the monument Lybid. Just have me bend over a few sympathizers. Discussing what to call an ambulance is not necessary — “it’ll pass”. A female voice speaks tender words as a child, someone gently slaps her cheeks. Out of fainting would not be desirable. Until they start a shower — someone even pulls the collar to bring me water from the fountain, throw the head and feet. Then the two girls to get help, are in the shade.

“I was when in the bathroom overheated, this heat stroke. I’m not a doctor, but I have three kids, says the most active and affectionate Savior. — You overheated in the sun. So many people came running, worried about you. Here, take this energy and really helps at low pressure. Money is not necessary. I’m here in the morning for half a day — we sell bracelets of yellow-blue ribbons. I volunteer, help the soldiers,” — says the girl who introduced Larissa, gave me a bracelet and escorted to the metro, so I didn’t fall again.

The photographer, watching the experiment from afar, says: “still we have good people.” After the experiment I still have three bottles of drinks, on the wrist — Patriotic contraption, well on the elbows and knees — abrasion. But this is nonsense — heal. Thank you, Kiev, for caring and sharing!

To give a wash and to withdraw into the shadows

The person who became ill from the heat, we need to get into the shade, give water to drink and unbutton clothes, belt, to ensure the access of air, advises the Director of the City health center Otto rack. “We need to give to wash, to make sure that people did not lose consciousness. If it is a deep faint, it is better to call an ambulance — it could be a stroke. Heat is the worst feeling people with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity,” explained Stand. He advises to eat more juicy fruits and dairy products, not to overload the body fried and greasy.

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