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Kiev school scandal

В киевской гимназии разразился скандалThe Director gets into a scandal not for the first time.

The Director of the gymnasium “Kievan Rus” Julia Baglica that in 2016 caught in a scandal and was fired, he returned to the post, and terrorized parents of school – spends the money collected, at its discretion, threatens active parents and rude behaves.

On the situation in the gymnasium, wrote in the group “SOS Papa” in the social network Facebook the resident of Kiev Oksana Dmitrov whose child is studying in this school.

“Shock for shock. It turns out that this respected man (the Director of the gymnasium. – Ed.) absolutely no respect all around. No teachers, no students, no parents. Arrogance has no limits,” said Dmitrovsky.

In particular, she cited the example of his correspondence with the Director after the General meeting in the gymnasium, where Julia Baglica wrote a message threatening: “I will break, understand!”.

В киевской гимназии разразился скандал

“And I’m far from the first person so talking to the Director. To everything,” said the woman.

Also Dmitrovsky said that the headmaster had threatened “to destroy my father”.

“About a week ago a journalist wrote an article, I post in “SOS Papa”. There he wrote, who works and worked for her father (Baglike. – Ed.). As I post, probably this article (the material specified that father Baglike – head of Department at the National Academy of internal Affairs. – Ed.) I’m enemy number don’t know what, but in the forefront,” wrote the woman.

According to Dmitrovskogo, the headmaster received a large number of complaints from parents of schoolchildren.

“The Director collects from parents and spends at school, and in its sole discretion (and the biggest source of income is to rent out a kick-ass stadium). And the same money is in the budget, but they are not requests, because it is more profitable when everything goes through her hands. Accordingly parents are not happy. It any records, signatures and seals does not show” – said from Kiev.

Writes Dmitrov, despite the fact that the school is new, the building is in urgent need of repair, which is not possible. “More of a couple of years and a new school will fall apart. Gyms are not working, pool not working, the conditions are bad, the walls are in bloom, the ceiling dripping,” – said from Kiev.

She added that in the beginning of the year parents of students created the “your Fund, sharpened on only the interests of students and colleges.”

“What infuriated the headmistress to impossible: select a piece and harder for her to work,” said Dmitrovsky.

В киевской гимназии разразился скандал

Recall that in April 2016 the Director of the Metropolitan gymnasium “Kievan Rus” on Osokorki Julia Balalika was fired for numerous gross violations.

As stated by the then KSCA during the year the Director was dangerous for the students, ignoring the complaints of children and parents to a suspicious odor in the school. Later SES found in the school, a substantial excess of formaldehyde and phenol.

Also was recorded the fact of stay of a headmaster at a workplace in an alcohol intoxication.

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