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Kiev promised warm and Sunny weather on Friday

Киевлянам пообещали теплую и ясную погоду в пятницуIn Kiev on 12 October will be Sunny

In Kiev, October 12 morning clouds will quickly disappear, and since the middle of the day will stay clear. No precipitation.

In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to 15-17 °C. at Night the thermometer column will fall to 7-9 °C.

According to folk calendar, this day is revered the memory of the monk Cyriacus, the hermit. This day was called Pechalniy. October 12 was the possible first snowfall. Often on this day there were damp fog.

The weather that day predicted the weather for March 2: if the day been Sunny, we could expect a Sunny start of spring.

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