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Kiev promised to clean from unnecessary road signs

Киев обещают очистить от лишних дорожных знаковSpecialists I assure that 95% of the information signs, it is meaningless.

In Kiev plan to remove half the road signs, installed in Soviet times, when the cars on the roads was 10 times less. They not only do not help, and often hinder the movement, worsening the traffic situation. In addition, plans to establish a register of road signs, which is not available. “News” learned in some places due to wrong characters constantly there is an emergency situation.

Want to reduce the number of characters

City authorities are thinking about the need to inventory road signs. “Today, the city has a huge number of characters set under the old regulations. We want them all to basically rewrite it and determine which signs are necessary and which are useless”, — told the “news” in Department of transport infrastructure KSCA.

In addition, the city Council is now considering the opportunity to reduce and consolidate several previous characters: for example, “Parking” and “Pay Parking”. In this part I want to remove the signs prohibiting Parking, and thereby create more Parking spaces. Also promise to deal with “homemade” signs, which establish themselves in Kiev or commercial organizations for their own purposes. Most often it is “no Parking” or signs limiting speed.
More space for Parking

Experts say that as a result of “reform of traffic signs” the capital may get more Parking spaces and free from the clutter of signs and street space.

“Today, Kiev is saturated with signs. And it was developed on the basis of traffic flows 80-ies. For example, the sign “Stop Smoking” hanging on almost every corner. They are installed in areas where traffic load on one lane of approximately 400 vehicles per hour. Already such streets in Kiev, just no. Now the average load per lane is about 2 thousand vehicles per hour, and in the center and even more. Therefore this standard needs to be changed. Moreover, the driver is still parked under prohibiting signs,” — said the Director of the company on simulation of transport flows “A+s Ukraine” Dmitry Bespalov.
Many signs are useless

Experts also claim that a significant impact on accidents on the roads have improperly installed signs. As has told “news” the adviser of the Minister of infrastructure Alexander cava, 95% of information signs (showing the direction of traffic) is absolutely meaningless.

“They not only help drivers, but rather confusing. As a result, drivers will be lost and create an emergency situation. For example, you want a specific house number on the street, you drive up, look at the pointer, and there, instead of house numbers on the street, indicated a nearby street: Saksaganskogo or Gonchar. And as a result you don’t understand where you to go. The situation is similar with the direction from the capital to other cities. The signs don’t tell the driver that a particular city can go five routes on different routes, so drivers have to go just following the arrows on signs, putting a strain on one particular track,” says cava.

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